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The fast-paced and ever-changing nature of the pharmaceutical industry requires pharmaceutical labs to have specialized equipment that is properly inspected, certified, and current. From spectrophotometers and plate readers to centrifuges and incubators, Phoenix Equipment can service and maintain your special equipment, and certify it with NIST traceability, to ensure your lab is up to industry standards.

Manufacturer Equipment Types

We have the industry knowledge and experience to repair and service a wide variety of manufacturer equipment types for pharmaceutical labs. Our repair technicians are trained on various machines and equipment types to ensure the repair process is efficient and smooth.

We have the tools and capabilities to service some of the biggest pharmaceutical equipment brands including:

  • Beckman
  • BioRad
  • Sorvall
  • Thermolyne
  • BioTek
  • Perkin Elmer
  • Thermo (Including Thermo Fisher) and more!

Our Pharmaceutical Equipment Service Process

If you are located within our service area of Western New York, our repair technicians will travel to your facility to service and run tests on your lab equipment and machines. For any customer that is located outside of our service area, lab equipment can be shipped to Phoenix Equipment where our team will run tests and repair your equipment at our facility. Once our team has serviced and conducted quality tests on your equipment, we will ship your equipment back to you.

At Phoenix Equipment, we understand the need for pharmaceutical lab equipment to perform at maximum capacity. Phoenix Equipment can service and repair your existing pharmaceutical lab equipment and machines to ensure they are performing optimally for longer. Our repair technicians will ensure your existing lab equipment meets all current industry standards and will extend the lifetime of the equipment for years to come, saving you valuable resources. We can provide NIST calibration certificates for your equipment so you know your lab work and results are accurate.

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